Tianjin Saixiang Technology CO. Ltd

Registered in Tianjin Binhai New Area, Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd (TST) is a high-tech company which is a production of radial tire outfit-oriented specialized company. Established in 1989, the company restructured into Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd in 2000. After more than two decades of constant innovation and sustained development, the major economic indicators of the company are among the best in rubber machinery industry at home and abroad. Saixiang-branded rubber machinery which is all over the country enjoys higher visibility in rubber machinery industry and tire industry at home and abroad and exports to France, America, Germany, Japan, England, Italy and India. The company’s stocks (stock name: Saixiang Technology, stock ticker: 002337) successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 15th January, 2010. For years, the company always adheres to independent innovation, widely employs a series of high technology like optomechatronics integration etc.,reforms and improves the level of Chinese traditional rubber machinery industry, researches and develops more than twenty series and more than eighty kinds of specifications of radial tire series equipment. In the company, half of the products are the pioneer in domestic. The company’s technology and quality reached the international advanced level. And the overall technical level is at a leading position in Chinese rubber machinery industry. Recently, the company effectively enhances the competitiveness of enterprises by implementing Information Project and Brand Cultivation Project. The company takes continuous innovation on technology as well as attaches great importance to intellectual property work which cumulatively applied for 244 patents and until now has 60 patents in domestic, among them, 4 foreign patents of invention, 43 new utility model patents, 21 patents of invention which is in patent application, 56 copyrights of computer software which have been acquired, 7 trademark rights which has been obtained. Saixiang product brand is considered as famous brand in Tianjin by Tianjin Administration of Industry and Commerce. Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd has National Enterprise Technology Center and establishes Post-Doctoral Research Center, undertakes three of the National 863 Program during the eleventh five-year plan period, and undertakes dozens of national major equipment science and technology research and development projects as well as applies for patents on core technology during ninth five-year plan period and tenth five-year plan period. Among them, “Tire Tread Extruding Line” and “the full steel carrying capacity meridian tire shaper of two drum type” have already got the second prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice, “ the giant project of radial tire outfit” had won the first prize in the National Science and Technology progress Award in 2007. In recognition of the achievements made in technological innovation, the company is conferred the title of innovative enterprise jointly by the Science and Technology Ministry, SASAC and ACFTU, voted National Technology Innovation Model Enterprise by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, conferred the tile of Sinopec Industry Technology Innovation Model Enterprise by the China Petroleum Chemical Industry Association, voted China Rubber Machinery Innovative Advanced enterprise by China Chemical Equipment Association, and also voted Advanced Enterprise of Scientific and Technology Progress by China Rubber Machinery Industry Association. After European Airbus A320 aircraft assembly line settled in Tianjin Binhai New Area, with its own strength, Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd has passed a number of inspection and evaluation of the French Airbus technical staff and won the bid in the competition of more than dozens of strong competitors in the world as well as become the first general contractor enterprise of European Airbus outside Europe. The company has respectively undertaken transport jig project of Tianjin Airbus General Assembly Line A320, A350 and United States Airbus General Assembly Line A320.

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